About Richy Hef

Richy Hef is the LA gay bear songwriter you’ve been waiting for.  His new collection, The Luv Klepto Project, shows off his whimsy in the hot dance tracks Big Boy Big Boy! and Beyoncé In My Mind.  His Broadway musical theatre chops come to full emotional light in R U The Moon, Possible and Fingerprint. He’s been compared to Moby and the supergroup, Yaz, yet the Richy Hef experience is its own queer-positive, gender-bendy, funny, happy, sad, clever, poignant world. Growing up on stage in the heart of Mormon Utah, Richy has been writing and performing Elton-John-style at the piano since he was 7. He’s worked with Giorgio Moroder and been on stage with Carole King, Jamie Lee Curtis and the late Adam West. His life, like his music, is eclectic – art director, gardener, and most recently, software entrepreneur (successfully selling a tech company).  Now it’s the full-on Richy Hef experience – he writes and performs in multiple genres – EDM, pop, electro-swing, alternative, country, musical theatre – delivering songs with a wink (‘I wanna be a Big Boy’, ‘I’m Beyoncé…in my mind’, ‘I like girls a little less than boys’ and ‘I want you to love me like I’m David Duchovny’) yet also hauntingly beautiful and cinematic songs (So Far and Can You See Her?). About Big Boy Big Boy!:  “Love the low rumble of that baseline and the way the vocal and chorus cut through…a rich mix…fun feel of electronica morphing into a Vaudevillian vibe…it’s sonically beautiful.”  Collaborators include Matthew Engst, Louis Rabago, Kaz Gamble, Joe Cruz, and Elyon. Richy loves collaboration.

About 25 Songs in 52 Weeks

Hello from Richy Hef!  It took me several years, and a lot of help from friends, to create this blog. I started writing songs when I was 7 years old. Ever since, I have loved the crafts of songwriting, performance and production, and for ONE YEAR I want to jump into this world to see if I can expand this part of my brain and soul. All music genres are fair game. I am striving to write a song every two weeks: Hopefully songs that will at least entertain and at most elevate, through my musical lens, through sheer joy, through humor or heartbreak, personal story or universal theme. I’d like them all to be good songs—but honestly I can’t promise that. LOL. Some songs might be recorded on my iPhone, some minimally produced in my home studio, and hopefully some will sound pretty good. The production is secondary to the overall craft of the song, but I will try to show up with good production values wherever I can afford it, and whenever I can find generous collaborators. I’m also hoping to share my process with you all, the successes and the pain, and maybe talk about the craft of songwriting along the way, with some help from some awesome songwriter friends of mine. Wow! This is going to be fun! Thanks for joining me!

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